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Ripped Wade Brolin is confident when he shows up for his first fight against Matt Meadlock
Meadlock manages to rough him up, but Brolin gets control in their full length Match.
In the end, Wade shows his pythons after beating down young Meadlock.
Two of NRW's most ripped fighters, Wade and Drake, face off in the Body Broken Series and Broling finds Drake to be a formidable opponent.
In the end, a Flying Lariat puts Drake down for good.

Wade Brolin seems unstoppable so far.  Here he looks down at Drake.

They also had so short matches utilizing fan favorite holds.

Another ripped fighter, Scott Monroe, has accepted the challenge to take on Wade "The Body" Brolin.  These two granite fighters will go at it.
Monroe looks ready to rumble.
In the end, Monroe was no real challenge for Brolin.
Brolin then gets a chance to fight Flash for the NRW Championship.
Their fight has many back and forth moments but in the end, Brolin is the one leaving with the belt.
His Flying Lariat put Flash out cold.
Management ordered a rematch and Flash and Brolin filmed a bunch of fights in the By Order of The Management Series.  One of the hottest selling series EVER at NRW.
In their rematch for the belt, Flash is in control nearly the entire time.
A claw to Brolin's pec wears him down.
Brolin left out cold.
Flash hangs Brolin in the Tree of Woe and hammers into his gut.
Brolin warms up for a kickboxing match against Flash as their series continues.
Brolin delivers a forearm to the jaw of Flash knocking him out cold, but this is a best out of three series.  After Flash rises, he manages to put Brolin out.
The second fight against Flash was a brutal one and in the end, Flash regained the belt leaving Brolin unconscious and on display.