Angel is big and built, Meadlock is cocky.  How's this gonna go?
Angel controls Meadlock for a good portion of the match, then Meadlock traps him in a sleeper.
Meadlock tears off Angel's shirt and beats him down.
Angle cannot stop having his mask removed to reveal he is...
Jeff Clark...
Meadlock then slows things down putting Jeff out in a sleeper.
Meadlock stretches out Jeff's pec muscle...
...and viciously claws with a painful nerve hold.
Clark is devastated, Meadlock could end this now...but he won't.
Meadlock tries to break Jeff's neck.
Jeff is worn down enough that he can't stop Meadlock from heartpunching him.
Jeff collapses after the heart punch.
Unmasked and badly beaten, Jeff lies helpless on the mat.
Meadlock then opens up Jeff again for another heartpunch, this time while he's down.
Angel no more, Jeff Clark lies with his head on his mask, unconscious.  Meadlock takes the win.